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Craft & share multimodal LLM vision prompts infused with real-world context from device sensors & APIs. Free, open-source, & written by A.I.

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Multimodal Multitool

Experiment with visual multimodal models and use them to interpret your environment in new ways.

Featured Prompts

🔬 Interpret your World

Screenshot of CrayEye app showing full screen camera preview of a bird on a city street with a button labeled '🐦 What kind of bird is this?'

Use AI to analyze your environment using your smartphone's camera

✏️ Edit Prompts

Screenshot of CrayEye app showing a dialog box titled 'Edit Prompt' with a field for 'Title' and 'Prompt' - the 'Title' field is '🔈 What sound doese it make?' and the 'Prompt' value is 'Analyze the image and do your best to determine what sound(s) the item(s) in the focal...'

Customize prompts augmented by sensors & APIs (e.g. location, weather)

🤝 Share with Friends

Screenshot of CrayEye app showing a listing of prompts in a drawer titled 'Prompts' - the prompts include 'Whats this made of?', 'What sound does it make?', 'What kind of bird is this?', 'Whats it weigh?', 'Who made this?', and 'Calorie Counter'.  There is a button to add a new prompt and a context menu for each prompt with options to 'Edit,' 'Delete,' or 'Share' the prompt.

Share the prompts you create/edit and add your friends' prompts

Demo Reel

Check out a selection of featured CrayEye prompts that demonstrate its capabilities:

📚 Featured Prompts

CrayEye is the product of A.I. driven development. Read more about how it was created here:

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